our sustainable sunnies

just like you, we're trying our best to be kinder to the planet, kinder to each other, and kinder to ourselves. at szade, we're starting by making each and every pair with recycled materials so that we're utilising industry waste that's readily available to create with instead of using virgin material. this is a constant work in progress for us and we're always looking for ways to be gentler, more innovative, cleaner and more efficient.

recycled components

each frame is thoughtfully made using combination recycled materials and is hand assembled, polished and packed for a more sustainable finished product. the recycled materials used come from a range of different pre and post consumer plastic waste sources to form our sustainable polycarbonate frames.

break the cycle

make sure to recycle your polycarbonate frames when you're finished wearing them. be sure to remove any metal components and double check your recycling unit or facility of choice accepts polycarbonate.

dotting our 'i's' and crossing our 't's'

the recycled materials used to make our sustainable polycarbonate frames come from our production partners who source the material and provide us with GRS certification. GRS are an independent company who audit and certify materials and their chain of supply.

let's make something clear

our lenses are not recycled, but are crafted of the highest quality tested and rated polycarbonate for the ultimate clarity, structural integrity, robustness and protection. this is of the utmost importance to provide above all, the clearest and safest possible shatter proof protection for your eyes to meet the highest international standards. your safety comes first.